Sunday, October 10, 2010

Currently a Concept

The Ginger Kid Baby Boutique is currently in "idea" mode. The goal is to have new, pre-loved, and homemade cloth diapers available for purchase along with many other natural, nurturing baby products.

I have wanted to open my own cloth diapering store for a long time now, and hopefully, now will be the right time! I currently have a newborn baby at home and am working full time, so getting this going is going to be very difficult. I hope to really get things going here in the next few months.

Our "Ginger Kid"
I have always wanted to be able to do something I love from my own home and be able to raise my own children. I hope that through this store, I will not only be able to realize that goal, but will also be able to help other moms realize theirs as well by helping them sell their products.

Currently, I am accepting offers for gently used, excellent condition diapers. If you're looking to get some off of your hands, please contact me:

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